Last sunday we’ve spend another day of fishing and testing. Just to check the fish population, what they like and how we can catch them. The results were very interesting!

We started fishing at 10.15h and brought 3 lines with us, 1 for bottom fishing and 2 with a float. The first line is only in the water for 2 minutes and we are still preparing the other ones, but there is the first bite already. A Red Belly Pacu didn’t hesitate to take a tasty piece of fish. Shortly after there’s another strike, this time at the bottom and the first Redtail Catfish of the day is a fact. Shortly after, we get even a bigger Redtail!

In the meantime some Tilapia also found us and they will keep finding us throughout the day. We can’t even count anymore how many we got that day.

A few moments later… Boom! A rocket Tarpon takes our bait. Jumping high out of the water trying to get rid of the hook. He succeeds and we loose the fish. This happend again, but the third time we manage to finally get one. Beautiful and exciting fish to catch! Meanwhile Redtail and especially Tilapia are still finding their way to our bait.

Suddenly we get another strike on the bottom line, on the end an (unexpected) Arapaima. Not 5 minutes later we land a nice Julian fish and we end the day with a nice White Pacu.

It’s very nice to see that the tiny fish we brought in here a few months ago are growing into big little monsters. Today we didn’t see any of the big Chao Phraya catfish, Giant Mekong Catfish or Paroon sharks but the are out there and fishing here already looks very very promising!

Next week we have more great news, so stay tuned!