Catch Report November 2018

See who caught what in November

October Update: More visitors and the official opening

Before the offical opening we had more people that already came to try out the fishing and the food.

September Update: Back to work!

After being absent for some time we got straight back to work AND fishing!

August Update: More building and our first guests

We kept on working to finish the building and we also had our very first guest.

July Update: Finishing the restaurant and facilities

July was a busy month for us. We were working as hard and fast as we could to finish the restaurant, facilities and fishing spots, but the weather wasn't always on our side. Still we managed to get a lot of work done and even do some fishing.

June Update: Building the restaurant

Now the digging is done and the fish are doing fine it's time to work on other things. Besides thirsty, fishing also makes you hungry.

May Update 2: A weekend of family fishing

Last weekend was special. Nuly, Jo and baby Iq decided to give it a go.

May Update 1: An extra 1000kg fish and some gardening

We recieved a new big load of Mekong Catfish and also found the time to do some gardening :)

March & April Update: We DOUBLED the size of the lake!

After many, many, many days of digging and carrying aways hundreds of trucks with sand we finally got a view of the final size of the big lake.

February Update 2: A very successful day of fishing!

Last sunday we've spend another day of fishing and testing. Just to check the fish population, what they like and how you can catch them. The results were very interesting!

February Update 1: Moving some monsters and a new pump

This week we moved a few monsters to the big pool. We also got a new pump.

January Update: Another good test and the fish are getting bigger and bigger!

This week we've spent about three hours of fishing, just for testing purposes and the results were amazing!

December Update: Rainy Season

Rainy season still vey real and is slowing work down a bit.

November Update: First fishing test and thousands of little fish

The number of fishes grows exponentially!

small fish

October Update: Digging break and small fish getting big!

Due to the weather conditions during the rainy season in Thailand we temporarily stopped digging and moving sand.

September Update 2: Sand and more sand

Sand, sand and... more sand.

September Update 1: Green green grass

We keep digging...

August Update 2: Started digging the big pond!

Finally started digging the big pond!

August Update 1: Digging 2 small growing ponds

Because the fish is growing so hard, we started digging some big holes to put them in.

July Update: Building temporary fishtanks

To stimulate the growth of the fish and for safety reasons we have moved them to special fishtanks.

June Update: Our variety of fish

We already have a huge (if not the biggest) offer of native and exotic fish in Thailand but are expanding even more.